How To Sleep Without Smoking Weed

Getting to sleep after quitting weed can be painful and seemingly impossible to achieve!

“Whenever I quit weed I can’t sleep! So I just give up and smoke weed anyway… come to think of it sleeping is a big factor in quitting weed for me…”

Sleeping Without MarijuanaBut it doesn’t need to be. It’s not as difficult as you think. Just use some of the following powerful strategies.

Now you can’t use insomnia as an excuse to smoke weed!

There are 100s of different methods to get to sleep. I’m only going to focus on a few mainstream methods and not overwhelm you with some crazy tribal voodoo cure.

There are also four main underlying sleeping problems that are a result of quitting weed. I’ll focus on physiological, environmental, psychological, and spiritual sleeping problems.

And what to do about them…

Psychological Sleeping Problems

Psychological Sleeping ProblemsSleeping is seemingly difficult because your mind is not used to putting itself into a vibrational state of sleeping. Instead, in the past you have relied on the drowsiness effect using marijuana to sleep.

In the early days of quitting marijuana your mind increases activity and you may find you have many thoughts flying through your mind during the day. At night this sometimes doesn’t stop. Here are some methods to help you clear your mind when you quit weed to help you get to sleep.

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco
  • Visualize something boring
  • Visualize something peaceful

Physiological Sleeping Problems

Marijuana Physiological SleepingIn addition to challenge of having so many thoughts bouncing around your head, you will also need a plan for the increase in physical energy your body will now have.

The physiological the mechanical, physical and biochemical functions of humans in good health, their organs, and the cells of which they are composed

Without weed you now have less carbon dioxide in your blood and more oxygen entering your body, so you will have more energy you will need to get rid of if you want to increase your chance of sleep.

  • Tire yourself out physically. Gym. Sport. Jogging. Swimming. Row a boat.
  • Have a warm bath
  • Get a massage
  • Eat a balanced diet

Environmental Sleeping Problems

Do you sleep in filth? I’m sure you don’t as it’s not only bad for your sleeping patterns, but it’s also bad for clarity. During the first few days of quitting marijuana you may as well look into factors that help you sleep, like how you sleep, when and where. Make sure the environment you are sleeping in is clean and appropriate.

  • Sleep on a firm bed
  • Sleep in complete darkness. Blinds closed, no LED lights on TV etc.
  • Don’t sleep amongst dirt! Mess is ‘not as bad’ but still not recommended!
  • Try to sleep in a routine! This will always make falling asleep/awaking easier.

Spiritual Sleeping Problems

Are you on the right track in life? Studies show that depression, anxiety and any imbalance of mental health can result in insomnia.

Studies also show people who smoke weed are more likely to have these problems, and sometimes these problems can be a result of quitting marijuana, as oppose to a symptom of the drug. For some of these symptoms the real reason could simply be that you are spiritually lost.

If you’re not excited to wake up each day it can affect your state, your mood and even your sleep. If this is your problem it’s simple to fix: Get up, get outside and change your life to something exciting. Start a business, quit your job, go camping, travel to the other side of the world, whatever. Just do it!

What If You Can’t Sleep Without Weed

Marijuana InsomniaGoing without sleep is a problem linked with quitting marijuana, especially if you always smoke weed before sleeping! It can be difficult to sleep without marijuana however this specific problem doesn’t last that long. A few more nights and your sleeping patterns will return to normal and you’ll need less sleep overall without marijuana.

If after all this, you are still experiencing sleepless nights – please make sure to go and see a doctor! How long does sleepless nights last? The average if we survey says about 3 days, usually from 2 – 6 nights.

But I’m here to tell you that you don’t need any sleepless nights.

First, decide that a sleepless night is painful and you’re prepared to do something to stop them. This way you might follow through on on some of the strategies to get to sleep naturally.

Here they are:

  • Eat a small bowl of cereal
  • Have a very warm bath, sit back and relax
  • Make sure your bed is more comfortable than usual
  • See a doctor if this becomes a real problem, they can help
  • Drink warm milk
  • Drink herb tea
  • Get daily exercise
  • Keep regular bedtime hours
  • Get up for awhile if you can’t sleep
  • Get up earlier in the morning
  • Avoid naps – you shouldn’t need them
  • Avoid illuminated bedroom clocks
  • Smell an onion before you go to bed
  • Count sheep
  • Image it’s time to get up
  • Use deep breathing exercises
  • Stretching like a cat in your bed and yawning
  • Pretend you’re taking a nap and fall asleep on the couch
  • Read an agonizing, boring book on something boring
  • Make sure to awake at the same time each day (so important to gauge patterns)
  • Keep your room cooler rather than hotter
  • No stimulants (coffee is 12 hours!) energy drinks
  • Do a quiet, non-stimulating activity – read a book (no TV – iPad – CPU – Hand held games)
  • Increase light exposure during the day
  • Remove your sunglasses in the morning and let light onto your face
  • Spend more time outside during daylight

Advanced Techniques To Sleep Without Marijuana

If you know how to use them, NLP & Affirmations are a great way to get to sleep. We go deep into this in Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide. By the way, you might already have a negative affirmation in your life without knowing it! You might already believe in your subconscious: “I need weed to sleep”. Instead replace this with a positive affirmation such as: “I fall asleep quickly, easily & naturally”.

When You Actually Do Get To Sleep Without Weed

Sleeping is one of the first things people ask us when discussing what to expect when you go through marijuana withdrawals. They’re usually happy to hear about the good things that happen to you when you quit weed and overcome any sleeping problems.

  • You will need lees sleep when you do not smoke marijuana
  • You will have more clarity from improved sleep quality
  • You will have increased energy without weed, especially in the morning
  • People often dream of the life they had before smoking marijuana intensely

Dreaming When You Quit Marijuana

  • Dreaming becomes vivid, intense and sometimes emotional when you quit weed
  • Dreams teach you about yourself and your current direction in life
  • Allow your new vivid dreams to enter your life. If you want to learn, develop and grow, start writing them down the second you awake. They help you look at your life from your own mysterious sub-conscious point of view
  • If you have a recurring or interesting dream. Look it up in a dream book or go online to look up your dream. Do it anyway it’s awesome! Dreaming is the gateway to your own subconscious mind and can let you know how your own wants, needs, desires and direction in life are really going.

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