Depression After Quitting Weed

quit weed questionsI have smoked weed every day for years and I have tried to quit about 3 or 4 times now.
Every time I quit something unusual happens and I start talking less and have trouble getting a word into a normal conversation. Usually I talk a lot but without weed I talk less and less to the point where I can’t even say a word. I feel depressed and I can’t even answer simple questions sometimes and this is really getting me down.

I just have trouble talking quickly after quitting weed. Please help.

[showmyads]Hi Dave, this is a common reaction when people quit weed and many report having trouble with everyday conversation once they stop smoking marijuana after years of regular use.

The symptoms for a certain condition may go un-noticed until you are clean of marijuana altogether. Not always, but sometimes, weed can act as a makeshift medicine for something else that could be profoundly wrong with you.

Everyone is chemically different and we all react in different ways. In your case, it’s possible that over the years marijuana has come to help you in everyday conversation and without it you have trouble.

But smoking weed isn’t an option long-term. Obviously marijuana has positive and negative effects and eventually the negative outweighs the positive for most people. So if you can’t use marijuana to mask your condition moving forward, what can you do?

[showmyads]The answer is to adapt your lifestyle and create a brain fixing routine for yourself. It’s all about exercise and a healthy diet. The more blood-flow to your brain the more quickly these undesired symptoms will pass you by and casual conversation will come naturally again.

When in conversation, try not to focus on this ‘condition’. Feed your mind with information by reading or learning something new. This will help you immensely by exercising your mind and also giving you more things to talk about with other people.

The important thing is to do things naturally. Marijuana itself is a natural substance and everything you need to overcome marijuana addiction is also natural. Try a natural marijuana detox to clear your system of unwanted built up toxins and be sure to stop smoking weed altogether if you haven’t already.

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You’re not doomed to a lifetime of poor conversation skills!

Know that this is temporary, many people go through this and with time you will improve. Don’t make too big a deal out of it, and if you truly feel like you have nothing to say, it’s ok. You don’t need to be the life of the party while you are trying to overcome marijuana addiction.


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