How Do I Pass A Marijuana Drug Test?

Increasingly I am receiving e-mails asking me: “Seb, how do I pass a marijuana drug test?”

Other people are emailing me with a different question: “How do I trick a weed drug test?”

People asking me this last question, say it in such a way that it seems like all they want to do is hide or ‘mask’ the weed that is in their body. For more on passing a drug test for marijuana, click here. Otherwise I’m here to break the news to you regarding these 2 completely different questions once and for all…

Stop trying to ‘trick’ a drug test, it really is easy enough to pass one honestly, even if you don’t have much time AND it will take you less effort.

[showmyads]You might argue that a blood test or an oral fluid test may not be as accurate after 24 hours. However, these are not the likely drug tests you are going to encounter for marijuana detection, so forget it.

Be it a urine test (most common), or a hair follicle test (most accurate). You are really going to have some trouble being ‘tricky.’  Anything artificial you use will show up in the test anyway, making you look stupid as well as guilty.

Might I suggest you stop trying to trick the test and just focus on passing it?

Crazy, I know.

You could do this by focusing on making your body marijuana free. Then you could walk out of your test knowing that you did it properly.

[showmyads]Whether you choose to take marijuana to help you overcome pain or just for pleasure, you may be required to pass marijuana drug testing at some point in your life. You will also have a time that you will want to stop smoking pot altogether.

The question is, will you be able to do these things?

This is why you should discover marijuana detox.

The only certain way to pass a marijuana drug test is to undergo marijuana detox. You simply take special vitamins & herbs. The good part is, these types of natural products will not appear in any laboratory marijuana drug test results.

By the way not only will this help you pass a marijuana drug test, but it will help stop any cravings for weed that your body currently creates (depending on how much weed you smoke).

A perfect time to quit weed.


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