What Is The Best & Easiest Way To Quit Smoking Marijuana Without Withdrawals Or Cravings?

Quit Smoking Without Withdrawals Or CravingsQuitting marijuana may stem from different reasons.

It may be for health concerns, for peace of mind and happiness, to create more worthwhile relationships and for financial considerations. It may be for a change of lifestyle, for a new job or perhaps to pass a drug test.

Quitting something you’ve been accustomed to doing or something that has become a habit gives a shock to your system. So, when the decision to quit is final and the first step has already been taken, it is almost inevitable that symptoms of withdrawal will arise.

[showmyads]Whatever the reason may be, quitting entails effort, a lot of determination and perseverance, patience and a network of support composed of family, friends and the community.

These symptoms include irritability, rage, depression, headaches, restlessness, lack of appetite and cravings for the drug.

The degree of symptom occurrence varies from person to person depending on factors such as extent of abuse but generally speaking, these withdrawal symptoms are the bane to those who want to quit smoking weed. Those in the early phase of quitting may find themselves in the brink of relapse all the time.

So the question of whether there exists a way of quitting marijuana without these symptoms arises. Is there really an easy way to quit smoking marijuana? Is it possible to do so without having to suffer from withdrawal symptoms?

The direct answer to this question is “No, there ain’t no easy way”.

Addiction does not have a switch that easily and immediately stops your cravings for the drug. The process of quitting takes time and these symptoms are the body’s way of dealing with the shock of an abrupt discontinuation or even just a decrease of dosage of marijuana. However, there is a way to overcome these symptoms or keep them in check so that you have control over them.

This will make your attempt to quit less difficult.

Take control of your mind. Your brain or your mind is perhaps your number 1 enemy. Those who tried to quit have had issues of nagging in their head telling them to get back to using marijuana, etc. There are several tips to overcome this problem and some are discussed below:

Get distracted. Really, just stop thinking about quitting but rather do something else. Engage in other activities. Learn something new. Do anything BUT being idle. Remember, an idle mind is the devil’s playground. You wouldn’t want him hanging around, would you? You have enough trouble as it is. Smile. Sing a song. Dance. Learn how to play the guitar. Whatever.

[showmyads]Get rid of triggers. Paraphernalia and the like. Get rid of them. Throw them all out. Eliminate things, whatever they are, that will only let you remember smoking weed. Get rid of that t-shirt with the 5 fingers on it as well as the CD you usually play when you smoke. Get what I mean?

Get physical. Working out or doing some exercise will certainly do you loads of good. First, exercise releases “feel good” neurotransmitters that will keep you happy, optimistic and also boost your morale. In short, when you exercise you feel great. This is also a good way of getting rid of traces of marijuana in your system. A cardio workout would be best, even for just 15 minutes.

Tell others about your decision. Quitting is a big decision. Recognize that you can’t do it alone. Tell others especially your family and friends. In this way, there will always be people to support you on your struggle and help you out when the going gets rough. They will be able to remind you lest you forget and praise you so that you can keep on going.

Marijuana RecoveryPraise yourself. Every day affirm and appreciate your efforts for quitting. Recognize and celebrate milestones, no matter how small. Remind yourself of the reasons that made you decide to quit. Write them down and place them where everyone can see. Lastly, if your brain is telling you negative things, interrupt it by doing something else. Do not focus on the negativities and tell yourself what you’re doing is enough. Take it one day at a time. Smile and be happy.

Marijuana Detox. Detoxification can help you overcome all cravings for marijuana very quickly. There are many different courses out there, one of the best can be found online with Detox Weed At Home.

Relax. Most often you might feel tense and restless. Well, this may only lead to doing something wrong so chill. Relax, breathe in and out and do anything that relaxes you. When you’re relaxed the tendency is you are confident to do what you aught.


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