What to expect when you go through marijuana withdrawals

Marijuana WithdrawalsMany habitual weed smokers go through withdrawal when they attempt to quit weed, even if it is the 100th time quitting! This detox period tends to last between 9 to 90 days, and is usually at its nastiest towards the beginning.

  • Have you quit weed recently?
  • Or cut back on marijuana?
  • Are you going through marijuana withdrawals?
  • Want some help to get through it all?

Here is exactly what to expect when you go through marijuana withdrawals!

Quitting weed can generate many physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. This is some of the most common stuff every marijuana addict will need to go through when they try to quit weed (and I say try, because without knowledge of the addiction, most people fail and go back to smoking weed for years).

Anxiety or Restlessness – All dressed up and nowhere to smoke!

Marijuana AddictionAnxiety is a giant barrier to overcome in the first weeks of quitting. The anxiety that you feel when you quit weed is usually small compared to an actual full-blown anxiety attack, the problem is that it’s constant.

You need to know how to deal with this emotional and mental state that will do everything it can to sabotage your efforts to quit weed – especially within the first two weeks.

Many people tell us about their behavior that can only be compared to a full-blown addict. Maybe you have experienced the same thing: searching through the couch, under tables, even the garbage, just to find that little nugget of marijuana gold.

It can only be described as though something is missing in your life without being stoned, and you will drag yourself through hell just to get that feeling back so you can relax again. It’s a trap, and for many people one of the hardest of marijuana withdrawals when you quit weed.

Little or No Appetite

Also Extremely Common!

Without marijuana fueling your metabolism, you may find eating pretty difficult. No more getting the ‘muchies’ to help your appetite or eat more often. A stoner has a diet that is very often, crap.

It’s important to still eat at normal times during the process of quitting weed. You may need to force your metabolism to not slow down too much by eating smaller amounts, more often.

If you’re clever, you consider natural marijuana detox to help tip the scales your way and finally quit weed for good!

Having Trouble Sleeping Without Weed?

Having trouble sleeping without weed?
Check out techniques to sleep when you quit weed.

This is very common and most people that quit weed have this problem.

Unless you have spent all day doing something physically or mentally exhausting, you will have trouble sleeping when you are not stoned.

If smoking weed makes you calm and sleepy, it stand to reason that not smoking weed can give you anxiety, stress and cause to much thinking. An overload of ones self.

Vivid Dreams or Nightmares

Many know this as many people report it. Weed stops you from dreaming. When you quit weed, the dreams come back and often with a vengeance. If you haven’t remembered your dreams in weeks, months, or maybe even years, this feature of marijuana withdrawal is weird and wonderful.

The Night Sweats

Without any other form of marijuana detox your body knows one trick to get out all the harmful chemicals – sweat it out! This might affect your sleeping for a while but if you let it happen, you know for sure that you are speeding your recovery by naturally detoxing marijuana chemicals stored in the fat cells of your body.

Memories from years ago may resurface in dream form and people often report dreaming about school days or people they have not seen in many years! This is all normal and you can expect some crazy dreams when you finally do get some sleep. Overall, you need to know how to quit marijuana with a plan.


12 Responses to “What to expect when you go through marijuana withdrawals”

  1. Peter says:

    Nice article. Accurately describes many of the things I am going through right now. Marijuana can be tough to quit, probably why I am a zombie on the computer at like 4am, reading this stuff instead of sleeping! Because I cant!

    How can people say marijuana is not addictive if there are so many withdrawal symptoms? Doesn’t make sense. Perhaps these are the same people whom do not smoke marijuana or have only done so for a year or two. Try 20 years and then get back to me!

  2. Seb says:

    Hi Peter. 20 yrs huh? I wish you well in quitting and keep in mind, there are thousands of people going through the exact same thing, every day, all around the world, so you’re not alone!

    As for people thinking weed isn’t addictive? I’m sure if you thought back long enough to your younger days, you were maybe preaching the same crap? I know I was!

    Weed is mostly a psychological addiction, so people like to argue if it is true or not. It is a silly thing to do, really. If I wanted to prove that marijuana was addictive all I would need to do is point to the thousands of people such as yourself that have trouble quitting. You’d think that would be enough.

    Thanks for the comment and good luck with the withdrawals friend, you seem on top of things I am sure you will make it!

  3. auto mechanic work says:

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  4. DeeJay says:

    I quit smoking weed 2 weeks ago… I smoked for around 3 years and feel like I am a different person to the person I was. I have little confidence and am quite paranoid today. I feel like it is very much as a result of smoking weed as before i was confident and happy. I hope that in the future, with my progress, paranoia will go and my confidence will come back!

  5. anthony says:

    I have been smoking for 18 years and im tired being a slave to it but how long dose it take to get back normal

  6. Michelle says:

    I quit smoking weed 8 days ago…i have smoked for 25 years! Jobs were hard to keep, unable to deal with stress without it! This is the longest i have gone without smoking…have been up for 3 days stright, not able to eat (get sick when i do), sweats, chills, shakes, and very agravated!!! I know this will not be easy but it is something that i know i need to do for me and my son. The hardest thing is doing it alone. All of my friends smoke so it looks like i will be looking for new friends! not looking forward to this!!! after 25 years my whole life is fixin to change and I am a little scared! I found this website very helpful the only thing i want to know is when will i be able to SLEEP????? Good luck to you if you are trying to stop and hang in there!

    • Seb says:


      I know this will not be easy but it is something that i know i need to do for me and my son.

      Sounds like your motivation is right there, watching you.

      Doing it alone?
      Trouble eating?
      Physically sick?

      Nothing stops a person with a goal they know they must reach. Failure is no option, for that I admire you. There is no way you will fail – but also remember to focus on the positive things that are also starting to happen around you too! Makes it a whole lot easier! Also the aggravation will pass – especially since you have made your first week already – congratulations!

  7. Joe says:

    I used weed for over 30 years. Even when I realized it had too important a place in my daily life, I continued: When it became easy to get a card in Cali, that was enough rope to hang myself. It took the destruction of a very cherished relationship to get me to quit, and I did so, cold-turkey.

    Too all those people whose conscience is telling them to quit: Do it. It’s worth the very temporary discomfort. Your conscience will be clear, knowing you’re in control of yourself.

    I loved weed, and sometimes I miss it. But I know it would be a mistake to return to it, because I leaned on it too much. If it’s a problem for you, and you know it, you can solve it, the sooner the better. Don’t short-change yourself of a fully-realized life! Not everyone who uses weed is in this position, but if you are, you can change it! : – )

  8. jesus says:

    i live in washington and i have been smoking for about three to four years straight everyday smoking blunt after blunt joint after joint bowl after bowl until i woke one morning and realized that this wasnt what i wanted, i was anxious and depressed because of all the thoughts going through my head i felt as if weed was taking control of me so i sucked it up and desided to put a stop to it physicaly and mentally.the better you feel the better you do !!

  9. jesus says:

    I used to smoke for four years straight i forgot how good it felt to be healthy and sober i used to think that i would never stop until one morning i woke up and told myself man wtf am i doing im tired of living like this i threw everything that had to do with weed away in the trash i felt anxious and depressed the first few days but i conquered it.I felt good about myself pretty much its all up to you if you want to quit. The better you feel the better you do!! Good luck and hope the best for all!

  10. juan203 says:

    I don’t know about all this weed is addictive stuff and what to expect when quitting. I happened to come by this when looking at cigarette quitting. I smoked weed from when I was 10-17 daily, I decided to quit one day and everything is fine. I could smoke if I felt like it and wouldn’t “relapse” cause I have since. I didn’t experience anything at all.

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