50 Strong Benefits Of Quitting Weed And Your Successful Lifestyle

Quit Weed SuccessMarijuana is good for a while. Growing up, especially.

Many have been there. Some took it too far. Many people (myself included) smoked weed every day, sometimes for many years.

Being stoned can help you analyze the world around you and your own reality. It helps you pinpoint who you have become and what your strengths and (often neglected) weaknesses are.

However it is only once you quit weed completely that you can actually:

  • Correct your weaknesses
  • Grow your abilities
  • Achieve your success

When you quit weed…

Have you smoked weed for years – regularly?

If you have you’re not going to believe what will happen to your life when you quit smoking weed. In fact, it will probably be emotional, you haven’t felt these emotions in a long time.

Quitting marijuana isn’t nearly as scary as you might think! Here are 50 strong and real benefits to quitting weed. These are pretty strong rewards for your effort, and easily outweigh smoking marijuana.

Just a handful of the benefits of quitting weed:

  1. Breathing more deeply
  2. Smoother mood transitions
  3. Sharper mental dexterity
  4. Better short-term memory
  5. Better long-term memory
  6. Stress tolerance increase
  7. Less stress overall (2 different things!)
  8. No coughing up crap
  9. No lack of energy
  10. No fatigue or low energy levels
  11. No forgetting what you’re saying
  12. No more…. What was I saying?
  13. Oh yeah that’s right
  14. More free time for yourself and others
  15. Energy levels increased tenfold (at least)
  16. Improved diet without munchies
  17. Increased confidence beyond recognition
  18. No social anxiety at all
  19. Increased focus and results in everything
  20. Enjoy simple pleasures like never before
  21. Stuff tastes better
  22. Clearer Lungs and increased chest size (good for both boys and girls, no?)
  23. Increased humility and ability to relax and be cool long-term
  24. Increased faith in yourself and a new unstoppable attitude
  25. No need to sleep so much (you’ll actually want to get up)
  26. Ability to function in the morning (be yourself, straight up)
  27. No risk of legal problems (cops are just people too, hey)
  28. Less risk of health problems
  29. Deep interactions with others (relationships are everything!)
  30. More articulate speaking manner
  31. True bonds with friends, not co-dependent drug abusers
  32. No time wasted trying to score
  33. No need to chase undesirable dealers
  34. No time wasted getting high
  35. More money to spend on anything you like
  36. Increased desire to try new things
  37. Increased desire to better yourself
  38. Strike up conversation to anyone
  39. Always have something to say
  40. Increased problem solving abilities (especially your problems!)
  41. Discover your funny and witty self
  42. Learn and do anything you want easily
  43. Achieve a lot more every day
  44. No insecurity
  45. No paranoia
  46. No indecision
  47. You look healthier
  48. You look happier
  49. You look more aware
  50. You are healthier
  51. You are happier
  52. You are more aware
  53. Your spiritual world doors finally open
  54. You become yourself like you wouldn’t believe

Some are (kind of?) doubles – I really can count – thank you. I also realize that everything in here does not apply to everyone out there.

If you’re thinking of quitting weed, it would be wise to make your own list of ‘benefits of quitting weed’ that you believe apply to you. Then write a list of ‘benefits of smoking weed.’ Now the importnat part:

Compare the two: Analyze & memorize the list because this can be a good way to internalize in your sub-conscious that weed is pretty shitty for your lifestyle and future.

To truly become ‘you’ on a deep level is to gain massive power. Few stoners ever do it, however few clean folks achieve this either. To internalize ‘being yourself’ brings huge charisma and an ability to change yourself, others, and the entire world around you.

You become powerful!

Like I mentioned, very few people achieve this level of success. However in my opinion people that smoke weed for years, then quit weed suddenly often propel themselves to this level very quickly.

In a way, they redirect this ‘addiction’ to something positive, and the results are in… Insane!

Your own influence shoots up like a slingshot, finally released

People that smoke weed are a different breed

I’ve now helped 1000s of people not only quit marijuana completely, but move on in life, and it’s my honest opinion that X weed smokers know who they are, what they want and how to get it.

Quit Cold TurkeyThis is probably from sitting around thinking about it for so many years.

Once stoners quit, they finally have 3 Missing Ingredients:

  1. Motivation
  2. Focus
  3. Clarity

All 3 are equally important and once addressed for the first time in years, marijuana quitters have incredible power and potential. But you need to cut back from marijuana, and eventually leave it altogether to make that happen.

YES, weed may have helped you figure out what to do with your life, on a massive scale.
NO, weed will never help you do what you want with your life, on a massive scale.


Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide

You need to quit weed to gain the consistent motivation to carry yourself, and your life across the line. What line you ask? The line that separates a life of pleasure, and a life of pain. It exists. It’s real. It’s just difficult to see when you’re always high.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about relationships, money, career, status, health or whatever. Marijuana can and will affect each part of your life systematically over time if you allow it to.

Will I Ever Be Able To Smoke Weed Again?

Sure, don’t even think about it.

You’re not missing anything! Special occasions or when it is ‘normal’ will not be a problem. However it is YOU that needs to decide what is normal and what isn’t. Align your beleifs with your actions and you will be happy. Just make sure when you make this decision you’re being honest with yourself – which is harder than you might think!


49 Responses to “50 Strong Benefits Of Quitting Weed And Your Successful Lifestyle”

  1. Matt says:

    There are not 50 benefits on this list. Many are repeated with different wording but are basically the same thing,
    and some are on the list twice word for word. Therefore there are not 50 real and strong reasons, it’s more like 25. Optimistically I’m no longer a stoner and at least I noticed. Pessimistically I’m still having withdrawals and this inconsistency pissed me the fuck off.

    • Seb says:


      Perhaps I should have called this one “a bunch of benefits that happen when you quit weed”? Maybe then you would be less pissed off? Naaaaaa…. Probably not. Let’s be honest, withdrawals from marijuana is what pissed you off, not some inconsistent list you came across online.

      But I understand….. Stupid list

  2. kevin says:

    im two week clean from smoking. im twenty and have been consistantly high for 5 years, smoking up 6-7 times a day, probably close about 12-14 grams a week. I am not feeling too much better, how long does it take to feel like yourself again?

    • Seb says:

      You are me when I was 20. I think you’d agree the 3 day barrier is the hardest – you don’t want to do that again, it’s just more pain. I can’t tell your problem specifically from this, but who is this ‘yourself’ you speak of? If you’ve been high for 5 years, that means the last ‘normal’ you remember is you at 15 years old – a kid. Decide who you want to be moving forward as an adult and what your life will be about from now on, if you’re on track it should help you gauge your ‘normality’ and minimize your marijuana problem.

  3. Tino says:

    Great list and great write-up and responses to comments. Awesome site; not necessarily looking to quit weed, but definitely looking to cut back. I currently smoke anywhere from 3-5 grams a week. But I would like to cut it down, without stoping completely. I currently have been smoking daily, 3-5 times a day, usually just small amounts. Primarily, I would like to bring it down to once a day, probably just an hour before bed to relax and unload the weight from the day. Any comments or suggestions?

    • Seb says:

      Hey Tino,

      Cutting back to ‘before bed’ is great because you’ll still feel the benefits of a clear mind during the day, and you can still sleep at night too. Try to wait that extra hour if you can and don’t justify smoking earlier – see if you can do this for a month or so maybe? It’s a good test because if you can’t do it you know you have a problem. Only problem I see is that you have a chance of developing the need to smoke weed just to get to sleep, which is the most common problem a quitter of weed faces.

      Still, this problem is also treatable and you may have it already anyways (thus this plan?) You also don’t sound to me addicted (3-5G p/w = just over average use) I could be wrong but I doubt weed is affecting your life super negatively right now…. So, if this means you will dramatically cut down on weed for a whole month or so – I say go for it – it will give you some powerful clarity and it’s a good idea. Thanks Tino, I’m sure you’ll have no problems and I wish you well with cutting back on weed.

  4. azguy says:

    I’ve been clean from weed for 2 1/2 months and i can’t believe how much its cleared my mind, it’s brought me out of the shitter I was in and more. It is hell for a while but when the benefits start coming in it seems to only get better and better. Granted you feel like a kid that needs to learn how to live again.

    It’s a complete life change from the friends I Hung out with to the spiritual aspect its opened up. I feel a deeper connection to my true self. I took this stuff valerian root for a while to help the whacky sleep schedule and it helped a ton. Not to mention gave me some of the most vivid trippy dreams I’ve had. I missed them Sooooo much its crazy. Now every night is like an 8 hour acid trip while I sleep its great! I have like 2 pages full of vivid dreams front and back. I also take up other past time activies I didn’t have the attention span for or I just didnt enjoy anymore in general. I have tons of energy as well and my anxiety has gone down to almost zero. I’m still battling depression tho..

    I quit cigarettes and caffeine as well I was heavily addicted to all 3 I smoked cigs for 5 years and weed for about the same soo I’m very proud of myself for making it this far! I knew I had to deep down. I was throwing my life away and the fog is really just now starting to dissipate :3 I just have a message and its dont give up if you dont see the results you want right away, you WILL it takes a lot of relearning and getting back in the swing of things :) I know anyone can do it if i did. I’m 20 years btw

    • Seb says:

      “It’s a complete life change from the friends I Hung out with to the spiritual aspect its opened up.”

      A good sentence. I think you get it buddy, quitting weed is massively more rewarding than getting high – or your doing it wrong. But it’s a bigger deal than just ‘less smoke in your lungs’. It took me years and years to figure that out.

      “I quit cigarettes and caffeine as well I was heavily addicted to all 3 I smoked cigs for 5 years and weed for about the same soo I’m very proud of myself for making it this far!”

      Wow – Now I’m impressed. A nice BIG hurdle! :) Please remember to let me know how it all goes – I’m curious. 2.5 months is huge and you should feel transformed – by the sounds of things you are! Screw depression.. Remember the dreams and focus on how alive your mind is right now. Your brain is an incredible tool if you can learn how to use it. Not many people can take it through hell and come out untouched. But the ones that do….. ;)

    • danny says:

      hey azguy.. i just have a quick question for you.. how did you quit cigarettes? ive been smoking for probably 2 years now and it almost seems impossible to quitt.. i was just wondering if you could give me any tips?

      • azguy says:

        Hey Danny,I quit cigarettes because the cons outweighed the pros and i just got a good look at that. I decided it was time to quit when things were just not getting better, i figured it couldn’t hurt to try it even tho i knew I wqs gonna stick with it. I wanted to just break the cycle, me being upto 2 to 2 1/2 pack a day, I honestly believe cigarettes are so bad for mental and emotional help its crazy. It dumbs people down which makes me think the government has something to do with that. Them adding upto 3000 chemicals in them or whatever the crazy number is. That should be incentive enough for you to quit but that’s how they really catch you by the testes not to mention cigarettes cause a form of psychosis which i know PLENTY about which is another reason why I quit, I was doing other drugs at the time and got into some nastyness with that, and found tobacco was only exacerbating the negatives in my life. Well Danny i would just say quitjust to try it, you wont regret it that’s for sure, not to mention, to have to build up a die hard attitude towards quitting them for good. Then yes it will change your life and transform you

        Yes I’ve now been clean from any form of tobacco for 8 months or so. I went cold turkey and honetly I cant even begin to describe how much its changed me. I really am a different person now, I’ve learned so much and will continue to learn and grow for a long time. I will say that I have relapsed on weed a couple times here and there but I am not even close to my old lifestyle anymore. I consider marijuana a sacrament now and it is to only be experienced on special occasions, thinking back on the first good experience I ever had on pot, i prefer to keep the experiences like that. In understand there is an incredible balance between everything that one has to find themselves. Thanks for reading :)

  5. Rocky says:


    Thanks for the great article. I’ve been off for about 3 weeks now and the first week was hell. I had not been sober except the 2 minutes each morning when Id wake up for about 4 years now, and I really did forget what it was like not to be high. The first week I felt like suicide, as the anxiety was unbearable. I’m still depressed now though, and my question is:-

    How long before I can get my motivation, comcentration, and focus back?

    Moreover, any estimates on how long before I can be my happy self again and get ri of this depression?


    • Seb says:

      Yo Rocky,

      It is very common what you are going through. Sometimes it’s pretty scary to experience how different your mind and body can act up without the daily dose it is so used to. I mean, what the hell is happening to your brain, right?

      The extreme and sudden onslaught of anxiety can be unbearable (temporarily) – but it does pass. You can even make it happen a little more quickly.

      How long before I can get my motivation, comcentration, and focus back?

      It’s different for everyone and depends only on how well you rehabilitate yourself. Stay active and be sure to challenge your mind so it can grow and get the exercise it needs. I think you will also find your depression is completely related to this. Once you find yourself on the same frequency everyone else is on, you will naturally become a much happier person – I’m sure of that.

      Good luck friend.

  6. Talia says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I stumbled along this website in my haze…feeling a slight lumpy senstation in my throat,and inflammation in it as well…like it’s irritated. I’m forever paranoid about forming a tumor and getting cancer in my lungs,throat or mouth..(or anywhere else for that matter) Long time smoker here..(I’ve earned the name smokestack) and although I enjoy the the high,I’m starting to feel like it’s starting to take a toll on my body…It already has taken over my mind…Like the list suggests,I’m anxious,paranoid and not as articulate as I used to be…And I WAS ok with that…but now that my throat is feeling sore…and I cant take a hit at all without coughing my ass off…it’s just time..So long story short,I appreciate your list and website,as well as the comments too!
    For the DANNY who was looking to quit smoking….Over the New Year I finally gave them up…this was probably my 8 time trying to quit cigs in 6 months lol It makes it harder that my hubby smokes too…but everytime I would quit I would cave…when my hubby came home with his awful Marlboro reds (I used to be all menthol) but anywho…when I didnt smoke…everything was GREAT! I got soo much more done around the house,and the house smelled great,I smelled great…but as soon as he pulled in there was my temptation…(2 kids and 3 rotties don’t help my willpower either) but after caving sooooo SOOO many times I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I just simply didnt need it!! THat and paying soo much money for them was getting embarresing…You’ll enjoy life much better cig free,just a tip though! Invest in GUM..I swear my Wrigley’s Number 5 Blue mint…Gum breath is better than cig breath anyday :D I hope this helps! and Thanks again Seb :D

    • Seb says:

      Hi Talia, thank yo uso kindly for the comment.

      I’m anxious,paranoid and not as articulate as I used to be…And I WAS ok with that…but now that my throat is feeling sore…and I cant take a hit at all without coughing my ass off…it’s just time..So long story short,I appreciate your list and website,as well as the comments too!

      I believe you are as articulate as you let yourself be. I don’t mean in writing an essay or book, I just mean observing a vast vocabulary or knowledge in the daily conversations and world around you. Sometimes if you set that spark off, stuff like quitting marijuana becomes a whole lot easier.

      As you say, eventually: It’s just time.

      Thanks for your further advice on quitting cigarettes too, I noticed I get a whole lot more done without cigs in my life, that was a whole ‘nother battle. And without weed & cigs as well I can manage a lot more work and play in my life. It’s amazing how much a little can change a lot.

  7. Shifu says:

    Mr Seb

    I appreciate the time you take to help people through their addictions.
    I quit officially last night but have gone through periods of stopping. Once for 5 months. That was easier because I had just lost my girlfriend and knew that it was because of my pot habit. I stupidly smoked one gram with a friend who had also stopped and then it became a daily habit instantly. 2 years later i’m trying at it again but this time for myself. For 4 years of my 8 years of smoking, I have hated it, everyday all day i’m high and hating it, it makes me anxious, drops my self-confidence to ground zero and has cost me various things:

    3 relationships
    Many potential relationships
    2 Attempts at a degree

    It makes me socially terrified and has caused me to desire a reclusive life.
    The degree to which I hate the weed shames me as I just kept punishing myself for smoking BY SMOKING MORE.
    Idiotic to the highest level.

    Well i’ve stopped again now but hopefully it can be for good.
    I am anxious and feel a deep emptiness inside me but I have been through two week breaks (Unwillingly) before so I know what to expect.
    For anyone reading this, like stopping cigarettes, one just needs to associate the craving feelings with a replacement such as:


    You will quickly begin to get happy when you think of weed because it will remind you of all the positives in finally stopping.
    See yourself as a Non-smoker

    Another way is to try and control your thoughts completely with regards to weed, every time it enters your mind, say internally YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN MY MIND AND THOUGHTS.
    Within a couple of days, you will notice that the thought is ceasing to exist in your mind.

    That of course will open up huge gains in the rest of your life because if you can control your thoughts then you control your life.

    Anxiety is hard though because the source of anxiety is hard to pin down.
    A couple of days of controlled thought will set you free beyond what you can ever imagine.

    So day 1…

    Here goes…

    • Seb says:

      Congrats Shifu on making the decision.
      I really enjoyed your valuable message.

      Life gets whole lot easier with every passing day, besides day one – for that you’re on your own but it generally isn’t so bad. After 2 weeks you are not on easy street yet, but you are on much easier street. You’ve accomplished the difficult part – deciding to quit marijuana and following through on it.

      An interesting thing you said here was that:

      For 4 years of my 8 years of smoking, I have hated it

      I was exactly the same. These days, I don’t feel too bad about that part of my history though. I should tell you that many people still tell me all the time that they did not enjoy smoking marijuana for a long period of time whlie still smoking it.

      Weed is addictive.

      I see you’ve also thought of the losses marijuana has caused your life. An important step to make the whole process easier moving forward, and one of the first things I often mention to people trying to quit.

      One thing I want to say is this: What you’ve been through is by no means idiotic.

      Marijuana is an addiciton to many intelligent people. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, I see it every day. Quite a few incredible people in history have been through addiciton of some kind in their life.

      A couple of days of controlled thought will set you free beyond what you can ever imagine.

      So day 1…

      Here goes…

      Remember your own words here – I really like ‘em.
      Something to live by for the next few days maybe?

      Good luck Shifu

  8. NorCalGirl says:

    I want to say I really appreciate this forum. This is day 2 for me without marijuana. Here, where I live, it’s the #1 cash crop. It is grown all over NorCal and has cost me nothing, financially, to use several times/day. I have been using it for 15 years (I’m 30 now). However, I know I have become a slave to it instead of what I used to believe … that I could “stop at any time.”

    Last night, I slept very poorly. My appetite is very poor, I feel like I have a low-grade flu with nausea and general malaise, irritability, and the night sweats that leave me hot, then cold, then hot, and keep me awake. Anyway, I just bought some “Tension Tamer” Tea and Chamomile Tea and I did a lot of sit-ups and jumping jacks on day one, as I felt a bit hyper and unable to relax. This is very difficult and, although some people have no withdrawl side effects, others have serious ones.

    If you don’t have symtoms, that’s great but… please do not criticize those who are having a difficult time.

    This is the most difficult drug I’ve ever given up as it has been my crutch to get through emotional and physical pain. Cigarettes, by comparison, were actually quite a bit easier for me to adandon, although I understand it is different for each individual.

    BTW, I have a prescription for marijuana. It just goes to show you that you can get addicted to street drugs or prescription drugs, of which marijuana here in CALI is considered both. My little brother goes into rehab this week for addictions to painkillers, benzos, and marijuana. I want to be a good example to him and I can’t tell him to stop as I puff on a joint for a 16th year. Something has to give. I expect this withdrawl to continue for several weeks. Good luck to everyone. If you go back to it, just keep on trying to quit. The power of the mind is amazing.

    • Seb says:

      NorCalGirl, thanks.

      This is a great place for anyone smoking weed to just let it all out and say what’s on their mind. It’s been a few days and I hope you’re still doing well. You had a similar problem to me = marijuana cost almost nothing for me and literally nothing for you.

      However, I know I have become a slave to it instead of what I used to believe …

      As you stated, even without the financial problem, marijuana is still a problem.

      If you don’t have symtoms, that’s great but… please do not criticize those who are having a difficult time.

      Thank you. This is a true statement and something I have said for many years now. As you can see from this post I still deal with this incorrect perception of weed every day. It gets people in a lot of trouble. Sometimes, marijuana addiction creeps up on you like a ninja.

  9. Shoelvr says:

    First of all I want to thank you for this great forum. Today is day 3 of me quitting weed. I have been smoking for 5 years since my first year of uni. At first, like everyone else, smoking weed was fun and didn’t affect me in any negative way. In the beginning it was just a social thing but over the past 5 years has turned into an “almost every day” habit.

    During my 4 years of undergrad, I was able to finish up my assignments with no problems but now that I’m in teacher’s college, I am forced everyday to socialize and collaborate with my classmates as well as do group presentations. I’ve noticed that I’ve turned into this super paranoid, anxious person which is greatly affecting me this school year. I’ve been dealing with anxiety and insecurities since probably grade 7 and now I’m realizing that smoking weed is not allowing me to deal with my issues head-on. I’m ready to grow up now and become the confident person I’ve always wanted to be! Wish me luck :)

    • Seb says:

      You know what you’re doing..

      Here’s why:

      You’re using anxiety and paranoia to your advantage – a good plan. Be sure to focus on exactly how much your anxiety dissapears when you quit smoking weed. Relish in any new found confidence and push it so you feel the difference in your personality.

      Once you do this – quitting is so simple. Because you’ll know deep down that if you smoke weed, you will only be losing something. Marijuana will begin to cause pain, not pleasure. A good thing.

      Sometimes people slowly change their personality over a long period of smoking marijuana. Only noticing once forced into a new environment, with new expectations. They notice once they must actually adapt. If this is where you feel you are at right now, you have been forced to quit, and that is the best and most successful way. :)

      • WOUNDED HEALER says:


  10. Seb says:

    Thanks for some great comments on this post, I appreciate it. I am overjoyed to see that this site is attracting the right people.

    Again, thank you and good luck with a new life.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m clean for five days now. I realize now that I probably rank in the top 5 percentile for intelligence within the homosapian genus. I would have never imagined that if I was still toking up everyday. Problem is getting employed is hard because of my lack of traditional work experience. Trying to build on today’s progress tommorow and become a one man money making machine. Wish me luck.

  11. Josh says:

    It’s a bunch of crap been smoking for 6+ years just got done with four years of college finished with a 3.8 GPA, all a’s and 2 b’s, and thats smoking whenever b4 or after school. now i am a engineer and make 150,000+ a year. it all inyour head stupid website

    • Seb says:

      You “just got done” in something educational? Not a masters in English I can see. To you, somehow this fact demonstrates that nobody else on the planet has a problem with weed? Logical Josh – $150k a year?

      I’ll assume this is more than the people you hang around. I know engineers earning more than 3 times your impressive wage, so I will not point out that your idea of success is based on your bank account.

      These guys wouldn’t brag about it. How shallow is that? Nor will I mention your income isn’t impressive to me in the slightest. At all. But good for you if you are blown away with your own acheivement(s?) as a stoner!

      Smoke a joint to celebrate how awesome you are!
      OR imagine what you could achieve “straight”?

      Your choice, I don’t give a “rat’s arse” what you do.
      I help those that want help. What are you doing here?

  12. naynay says:

    thanx Wounded Healer .. you’r imput Is/Has helped me
    You identify with what I’m going thru with both cigs and weed addictionss

  13. Smoking Dope/weed for 15 years.

    On day 5 of quitting as I type. #PROUD :o)

    I was shitting my self as I have quit 2 years ago for 5 months and the first month was horrific I mean HORRIFIC !
    (didn’t think 1 would hurt and bang ! Back to daily usage)

    This time I researched some herbal tablets and found st johns wort tablets and they really helped and are still helping anxiety issues as well as joining a gym. I use fake weed from the joke shop to imitate rolling and it does have wild flower ect just like kalms pills ( You wont use it long as it taste like shit but gives you a mini buzz and that’s better than nothing whilst stopping)

    Even though I am set on stopping and can see myself quitting for good I do However still crave it like mad and am scared that I will start up again. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about that but I am. Hypocritical I know but Quitting weed is hard.Its like fighting with your self but living with yourself as a stoner is harder !

    I also set up a twitter account to give me support – I have over 150 followers and its great to have an output and people are really nice and send support messages -( this helps) come follow me if you like? @stoppingweed

    To most on here be proud !

    (apart from the nob head stoner that will probably end up on his own earning 150 grand a year lol wonder what he has to show for it? Family? Kids? Friends? not for long :o)

  14. It says SPEAK YOUR MIND and in my mind Books do not help! so why did you take my last comment off ?

    Take my other comment off if you cant be fair about things.

    • Seb says:

      Sorry friend that was an accident, I assure you. However your last 3 deleted comments are not accidents. Unrelated comments or simple 2 word comments are only deleted if they do not contribute in any way. Otherwise, for or against marijuana – for or against quitting weed all stay open. I always leave all comments open, even for haters.

      But don’t hate here, please?

  15. Ok I am Sorry . I just thought that you where just leaving comments on that helped you out and thought that was unfair.

    To be honest I have far too much time on my hands to be complaining about books . As you know whilst quitting you can be angry about the smallest things. Ill give you your due you answered me back perfectly and I appreciate your page here as if it helps at least one person to think about stopping then you are winning !

    Yours apologising for being a grumpy ass but I hope you understand where I am coming from.

    Not hating was just looking for an output I guess but ill go fishing/Gym instead of giving you abuse next time :o)

  16. PS – DAY 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    – YES MY FRIEND :o) – (hard work but starting to be worth it !)

    • Seb says:

      By the way, I’m glad to see you still on the path to no weed!! Day 7 is quite the hurdle to overcome and many people I know have relapsed around day 6 or 7 or so. All the usual excuses like no sleep, stomach pains, strong emotions etc.

      How you feeling buddy? Are you holding up strong after a week with no weed?

  17. Not too bad cheers for asking – I am very determined and think I will be OK to beat this evil drug !

    I literally did not sleep last night though and am a bit worried about tonight but hopefully will be ok?.

    Also had some strange dreams and started shouting at our lass the other night calling her a bitch ect. luckily she is forgiving and supportive lol.

    I think it is a case of the popular saying at the min KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON !


  18. Day 9 AND FEELING FINE !!!!!!!!!!

  19. Not easy mate not at all ! – Very hard work but just soooo worth it. There is a massive list of pro’s to stopping and just a few down sides (mainly selfishness and greed).

    I know it will be a few weeks before I stop craving weed but just trying to be positive about it all.

    (not easy when your ‘mate’ sparks up a joint in front of you the tw*t, the smell killed me)

    Still I stayed strong and could tell he was jealous !!!

    End of Day 10 and determined NOT smoking that evil stuff again !


    • Drew says:

      Thanks Seb for creating this site for people who are determined to quit. You have a lot of informative posts.

      I’ve smoked daily for years, living a happy life, successful businesses, thinking that I could use it in moderation as a creative tool and a tool for motivation.

      However good for short term use and THC’s beautiful ability to bring clarity to introspective realizations about ones life, it’s not something I want taking over my mind and motivation.

      Day 2, going through most of the typical withdrawal symptoms, but to anyone wanting to regain focus and control over your destiny I’d suggest a life with out marijuana.

      To everyone on this site, regardless of your situation you’ll be better off without :)

  20. End of day 12 still hard but still worth it !

  21. Day 19 – Lil smile to myself :o)

    Working out new routines and things to do is the hard part at the min but that’s only because I have a life back again – hehe

  22. Dandy says:


    I just want to say I really enjoy this site as it really helps me keep myself on a positive vibe and that I am looking foward to share with you my thoughts on my experience of quitting.
    It has been now 13 days since I’ve been high. The first week was rough, Anxiety, depression, sleepy all day, etc. But now those problems are slowly going away. I sense that a new life is openning up to me. Here is the list of the positive effects that I have encountered for lets say the last 5-6 days.

    Better mood and like Seb said smoother mood transition. Concentration is up a notch, no more of feeling guilty about myself all the time, Better memory(short and long term), Overall more optimist and happier person, feeling deeply more connected with myself, more courageous to take on anything that comes my way during the day, Self-confidence is up, more determination to get things done etc … Those are the more obvious one to me as to right now but I know there is more to come my way. :)

    Now I just want to say to the people still having to deal with anxiety like me(still not all gone) there are many different ways that can help you decrease your anxiety level.
    1. Exercise(20-30 min jog, workout at the gym) is the best natural way to lower anxiety as it naturally triggers chemicals in your brain that calm yourself, clean the dark thoughts. It also helps you accelerate your detox(you release the weed toxines as you sweet)
    2. Also, try to feed your body the best way possible. He needs all the good stuff you can give him right now. For example: proteins, veggies, a LOT of water, and finnaly try to look for the highest source of magnesium(fish, nuts, green veggies) because it is something that your body loses everytime you get high and the body don’t created magnesium by itself so you gotta have his back on this. It helps you deal with stress.
    3. Finally, try to have relaxing sessions. Lay down in your bed or a calm place, close the lights, close your eyes and try to inhale by the nose and keep your breath for 10 to 15 seconds. While holding your breath you’re going to feel tensions, the more you hold the more tensions you’re going to feel and ultimatly the better it is because when you exhale those tensions go away. Repeat this for 10 to 20 min or simply to the point where you feel really relax.

    Those are my ways to get rid of anxiety and I hope that those 3 things can help everyone who just quit feel better.
    Thx for reading me and good luck to all !!!

    Peace and love

    • Drew says:

      Great post, anyone wanting to quit id highly follow Dandys advice, this is exactly what you need to do. Diet and excersise is key! :)

  23. John says:

    First of all, I would like to thank you for this website, I think its a really good way of helping people like myself out. But no matter what I just can’t quit, my frients want to quit too but they can’t either because there simply nothing to do other than roll up a joint and have a good laugh, I don’t even get high anymore, I’m 18 now and I been smoking since 16 and I had alot of downfalls and negative changes in my life( too much to list, but I’m sure you know the type of things I mean) I lost count on trying to quit…. it feels like I can’t quit and I feel like I’m living a different life from all the other sober people, its a weird feeling I can’t really describe it but again I’m sure you know what I mean, I still wanna burn here and there but not all the time like how I been doing… any suggestions on how to quit? and again respects on this website!

    • Jake says:

      I would NEVER in a MILLION years think i would become addicted to marijuanna, being extremley stoned everyday form the crack of dawn to right before you fall asleep at age 16 as taken a huge toll on me. Nobody would think they would become addicted because its just “marijuanna” a plant of gods creation thats unaddictive, but reality check. I am going through the worst part of my life right now because of my addiction. My anxiety and depression has made me want to hide from the world, like im an outcast of society, another example of how drugs fucks up a teenagers life. The second day off it ii was mentally tore down,i broke down crying for hours until i cried myself to sleep, with questions running through my head like how did i wind up in this place ? will i ever be the same ? No i will never be the same and thats the hard truth, i was to young to begin smoking while my brain was developing. My communication/social skills are gone, my energy is gone, my eyes are sunk in my head, and my depression is holding me back from getting out my house. This is my third day sober and im still not feeling my self but i am driven to be normal again to be THC free, to a point where i can go out again and hang out with sober people without being looked at like im weird. Sometimes i feel like i should just kop this half O and smoke until i pass out, i am who i am i will never be the same. idk what eles to say i really just needed to get shit off my chest sorry, BUT FOR ALL OF YOU OUT THERE STAY STONG !!!!! AND I MEAN IT BECAUE LOOKING BACK ON YESTERDAYS FAILURE IS A SET UP FOR A BAD FUTURE. just keep in mind everyday your body is getting rid of all the chemicals that are in your brain form mary jane. Goodluck to you out there going through the same shit as i am, as we will have a better life to come . Thank you for your time if you read this and i want to thank this site for purswading me to quit my addiction adn help me move on with my life.

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