I Quit Weed Cold Turkey After Years Of Smoking And Now I Feel Sick!

Marijuana SicknessI have smoked for over 13 years and i have stopped cold turkey on 6th day now feeling really like i want to vomit is this normal?

- Chantel

Yes, and I can explain why it’s happening. Some people call it “marijuana sickness” but it’s simply a decrease in metabolism activity.

To be clear: physically being sick is not ‘normal’ but it does happen in rare cases, never often!

I believe you’re not actually physically sick, but more feeling it – that is normal and based on a recent and dramatic metabolism change.


So your metabolism is basically the speed at which you digest and process the food you eat. Stoners do this quickly, that’s why they ‘get the munchies’ and can eat so much after smoking weed. It pushes the food through your body (and can even cause a trip to the toilet).

Marijuana alters your metabolism. It sends your metabolism through the roof and you miss out on some nutrients and vitamins in the food you eat. Once you discontinue heavy use you’ll notice as you already have and this is what you’re feeling now.

Six days after quitting weed your metabolism is operating at a slower pace.

Marijuana And MetabolismGenerally this aspect of smoking weed is not so harmful in small doses. However once in heavy doses (like smoking weed every day) this metabolism issue becomes a more seriuos problem. Your body begins to rely on marijuana to assist in the metabolism process.

This can create an uncomfortable feeling of ‘being full’ and even trouble on the loo. This effect marijuana has on your metabolism is made much worse if you ‘spin’ marijuana or mix it with tobacco. Tobacco has similar effects, only stronger.

Another excuse for people to continue smoking weed. Similar to the most common excuse, I can’t sleep without smoking weed!

Remember you can always get instant support at the Quit Weed Forum.


A Healthy Metabolism

Excercise more than you used to. If you’re unfit just walk. If you’re already reseaonably fit, consider jogging, swimming, bike riding etc.

Try to eat more.

I don’t mean stuff your face! But don’t allow what’s left on your plate to reflect your hunger. Do achieve this take longer to consume meals – it’ll help you eat the same amount you did when you smoked. It just takes longer for you to digest.

[showmyads]Keep this up and burn it off by moving regularly for a day or two and you’ll easily overcome this sick feeling very quickly.


If this sick feeling is overwhemling you – start moving! You simply need to stimulate your natural metabolism: fresh air, healthy fresh food and a stimulating activity to overcome this common problem.


If this becomes more than an uncomfortable feeling or it stays with you for over a week without smoking marijuana, make sure get to get checked.


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  1. MACK says:

    i don’t get nauseous, but i feel cold and i get shivers when i don’t have weed.

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