Quitting Marijuana, Alcohol and Cigarettes: Which Addiction Should I Quit First?

Ask SebAnother question for Seb about quitting marijuana. This time, specifically about quitting marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes.


Hi Seb,

First off I just want to tell you how grateful I am to you for your website!!!

I am now 40 years old and have smoked weed religiously for 25 years. During the week I only smoked in the evenings after getting home from work, however at the weekend I would always smoke weed from the time I awoke, if I could.

Also I smoke cigarettes, and for the last four years have added a bottle of red wine every evening also.

A few days ago I made the decision to go cold turkey and stop weed altogether – the symptoms are indeed as you describe, but am just taking this one hour, one day and one week at a time.

My goal is to stop weed, cigs and red wine altogether. For a long time prior to stopping weed I deliberated on whether I should stop all 3 cold turkey, or just two of them and then decided I would start with weed first – of course realizing that I may increase my intake of cigs and possibly wine also.

Having read your site and see Gfeak on youtube, it strikes me that many people enjoy the weed/alcohol combination – I would like to ask what your advice is for people that want to stop all three or even just weed and booze and the best way to approach it. (Note I dont drink alcohol in the daytime – yes I have some dependence but am not an alcoholic per se).

Warm regards and thanks in advance for reading this JT.


Hi Jxxxxx,

I think it is great you have chosen marijuana as the first addiction to overcome, and congratulations! A big life change awaits you.

For anyone else in this position, you should always quit:

  • Marijuana first
  • Then alcohol
  • Then cigarettes

It just makes it easier, if you plan to quit each one entirely that is. Many people do indeed combine marijuana and alcohol, and of course I recommend quitting everything – even at once! However I am aware of how difficult it can seem, especially with withdrawals in place – both physical and psychological.

[showmyads]Combined withdrawals is the last thing you want, I’m sure!

Now, marijuana should always be first because once you kick this habit completely you will obtain more power and motivation to follow through with the other addictions, so that is a good decision.

A new feeling of being healthy is addictive you know! And you can use this to your advantage moving forward! For now, continue drinking and smoking if you must, but DO NOT allow these habits to increase as you explained. I mean that, this is the one thing that is very important in your situation!

Addiction replacement with an even worse drug like alcohol is the last thing you need, and unfortunately, people smoking a lot of marijuana regularly are very prone to this type of thing.

Ask SebOnce you start feeling healthier and have an even clearer mind, use your new found health to motivate you to feel even healthier, and just plain old “better”. This will eventually (sooner than you may think) become the motivation that catapults you to a clean lifestyle, free of all addictions, and ready to attack life once again.

I wish you well, but I also believe you will make it happen. If you do relapse, please don’t beat yourself up! Just start again the next day. Let me know how you go, and if I can be of any more assistance moving forward.

Keeping Reality Real,



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