Quit Weed With Headaches & Depression

Hello Seb, Really informative and useful website you’ve established here. It’s been a great help for me. I’m 22, smoked daily (5-10g per week) for 7years now. Managed a 7day weed free holiday at 19 and that’s the longest I’ve been without it.

I never smoke before 3pm, but I make up for it every evening after work. Ive always thought myself to be a pro active smoker as I train daily at the gym…For 2 years I have noticed the negative effects and tryed to cut down smoking to 1joint before bed…This didn’t work. So I finally decided to go cold turkey 5days ago and quit the tobacco as well.

I am strong minded and will not give in, but…I have had severe depression and massive headaches (I never get headaches) sleeping has been tough but extra gym traing has helped to tire me out, having some seriously weird dreams though and waking up in a sweaty mess!

[showmyads]When will the headaches and depression go? Small things have bought me to tears! I hate feeling so low from morning to night. I can’t even see any friends as there all heavy smokers, I just feel very very lonely and shit and upset in general, any advice or assurance would be great.

Thanks for your time,



Hi Tom,

Great to hear from you – I admire your determination. You know, out of the few paragraphs you’ve shared with me today, one of them really stuck out and I’d like to quickly focus on that little statement:

I am strong minded and will not give in

When I see words arranged this way, I know the person that said them really ‘gets it’. You understand that you must be strong minded to overcome addiction. With this attitude you’re instantly in control. Really, many people aren’t.

That’s good stuff. The bad stuff includes a couple of small statements that aren’t so positive, and I’d also like point them out- if I may. I believe the first point really is your main concern:

I have had severe depression

Depression after marijuana is common in regular smokers, especially after many years of regular abuse. Causes are many and the solution often involves diet, sleep, exercise and (last and most likely) a sudden change in your lifestyle.

What Can You Do About Marijuana Related Depression?

Something MissingYou must actively conquer your own depression, nobody else can do this for you (they can guide you but ultimately it’s up to you). It can be difficult and takes time, but always remember that no matter how difficult – it is much harder to ignore the depression.

Very similar to quitting marijuana altogether. It may be difficult but it is still much harder to ignore an addiction to marijuana.

The key is to get out there and solve your lifestyle problem. Replace your addiction, because addictions cannot be stopped, they need replacing: you just need to get out there and do it! For example, don’t fall into the trap of believing you don’t have a social problem if you really do. Many people that quit weed instantly lose the majority of their friends (even very close friends) simply because they no longer want to hang out smoking weed anymore.

Some call it “moving on”…

If this was the case, you’d need a plan to get new people around you that don’t smoke weed. These new people will (more than likely) be more active than stoners, so you’ll also need to become more active. Then the fun will come.

Get out there and find something you love so you can replace the friends and addiction to weed at the same time. If you can’t think of anything you’d really enjoy spending a lot of time doing, save cash and travel.

and massive headaches (I never get headaches)

This after effect can be frustrating but it shouldn’t stop you from living your normal lifestyle. If your headaches are becoming regular or interfering with life in general, it is a good idea to see a doctor to see what they have to say.

So What Can You Do About Headaches After Marijuana?

Mental Fogginess In Marijuana UsersAlthough even severe migraines are reported to us by people quitting marijuana, the vast majority of people we talk to explain their ‘marijuana related’ headache in a less severe way than you’ve stated here today.

In our opinion the marijuana addiction headache is a physical withdrawal symptom experienced mostly by heavy marijuana smokers of usually two years or more, often much longer.

This should wear off with time, as long as you’re breathing fresh air, eating fresh food, resting and staying physically active.

Also, something many people overlook is the lack of sleep after quitting weed they might be experiencing. One of the most common withdrawals of marijuana addiction is being unable to sleep without it.

If this is the case discover how to sleep without smoking marijuana.

How Severe Will My Physical Withdrawals Be?

[showmyads]So when you first stop smoking marijuana you inevitably experience a dramatic change in your lifestyle.That “change in lifestyle” you experience upon quitting marijuana will be particularly difficult, IF:

  • All your current friends smoke marijuana
  • You smoke marijuana when you’re alone
  • You smoke marijuana in school or at work
  • People visit you to smoke weed, or you visit them
  • You smoke marijuana before you go to sleep
  • You associate a hobby or activity with smoking weed
  • You have smoked marijuana regularly and for years

Seeing you have a complete workout plan already in action, I think you’ll be more than OK. Simply leverage that habit to exclude weed.

A cool trick: Set goals that marijuana interferes with.

If you are motivated to reach this particual goal, marijuana will become a lot easier to forget about. Any physical routine or habit developed is an instant tool to be used against addiction, especially marijuana addiction. Again, I already know you will have no problem overcoming marijuana, because you are strong minded and will not give in.

Keep the attitude – and good luck with everything,



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