Quit Weed Withdrawals

Marijuana Withdrawals

Join 1000s that have a problem with weed and decided to check out why!

People fail to quit weed often due to withdrawals gained from regular use. Marijuana doesn’t carry serious physical withdrawals. Instead, weed is the ninja of drugs. Marijuana addiction creeps up on people slowly and it’s difficult to pinpoint negative withdrawals, that’s why we made a list!

Below is a list of marijuana withdrawals – and what you can do about them.

Quitting Weed Can Keep You Up All Night!

Can't Sleep Without WeedAnd weed was supposed to help you sleep and relax… In truth is if you smoke weed often, without marijuana you’re going to have a difficult time getting a good nights rest.

This is one of the top reasons people go back to smoking weed! “I’ll just smoke tonight to get to sleep” and tomorrow never comes. If you can’t sleep without weed, you don’t need to overcome some underlying factor. You simply need to wait it out and be sure to wake up at normal times and stay active during the day! If you do have trouble sleeping, we have many techniques to help you sleep without marijuana.

Quitting Marijuana Can Leave You Feeling Like Something Is Missing!

Something MissingMany people build their life up to revolve around marijuana, without even realizing it. This could be because of selling marijuana or because you’re entire social network may consist of people that smoke weed as a culture. If this is the case, you need a perception change or a paradigm shift that will enable you to see smoking weed as a negative.

This makes quitting marijuana a difficult decision – and worse – what do you do now? Without marijuana life can be boring and you feel like something is truly missing without the daily routine you had of smoking marijuana.

Quitting Marijuana Can Make You Sweat!

We all know quitting marijuana can mess with you sleeping patterns. But many people report to us that in the few weeks immediately after quitting weed, among other things, they would continue to sweat during sleep – sometimes quite dramatically.

This is your body conducting a natural (although unwanted) detoxification. It’s a good thing. If you have this problem and you want to sweat at night less often (it’s terrible if you have a partner) make sure you don’t smoke anymore weed. If you stop smoking, you should be clean of toxins and stop sweating within 5-10 days. Quicker with exercise.

Quitting Marijuana Can Leave You Socially Alone

Marijuana AddictionIf you smoke weed often, most of your friends may smoke often too. When you quit weed, they might not want to. Pretty often (not always) you will need to ditch old friends or find some new friends (or both) when you quit marijuana.

It doesn’t need to be permanent. Tell them you’re out for a week or so. Once you are clear enough from weed you might find you don’t want to go back anyway! Many friendships are based on marijuana, once the weed is gone the friendship goes with it quickly. I mean, when you were addicted to weed, did you hang out with people that didn’t smoke it?

Quitting Marijuana Can Destroy Your Eating Patterns

Smoking marijuana sends your metabolism through the roof! This explains the ‘munchies’ and how some people like to smoke weed before a meal. Smoking marijuana also helps you go to the toilet! :shock:

When you stop smoking, you might find it difficult build an appetite or get hungry. We have an entire detox plan and menu diet for people quitting weed in Natural Marijuana Detox From Home.

Quitting Marijuana Can Explode Your Emotions!

Emotions In Marijuana WithdrawalsWhen you quit smoking cannabis, you lose the ability to control your emotions. It’s called emotional intelligence and marijuana smokers have very little. This is because of the mechanics of how the cannaboid receptors in your brain control the neuro transmitters.

Basically, marijuana acts as a dimmer switch on your emotions. Once the dimmer switch is gone (no more marijuana) you will have the same emotions, times ten. You will need to quickly learn how to control emotion and stress when quitting marijuana.

Quitting Marijuana Can Leave You Mentally Foggy For Longer Than You Think

Mental Fogginess In Marijuana UsersMany people feel weird without weed and describe it in many different ways. We help 1000s of people quit marijuana and one thing we believe – is that making you see the benefits of quitting weed as quickly as possible – otherwise you might go back!

So we include specific mental games to increase Neuro Transmitter activity. Otherwise, you might feel ‘dopey’, ‘dreamlike’ or ‘mentally foggy’ for many months after you quit weed. When you quit marijuana you’re not mentally in the clear – yet! Unless you make sure of it.

Quitting Marijuana Can Lead To An Array Of Unexpected Problems

Marijuana Withdrawal ProblemsSuddenly stopping regular marijuana use can lead to anxiety, depression, loneliness and an entire array of other personal problems. This is because the activities that fulfill you have now changed. You need new activities to satisfy your own fulfillment, as your old habits might not be enough anymore.

This is nothing but a good thing. You can now get excited and create a fulfilling lifestyle to replace your old dated and unwanted routine of taking drugs.

Overcome Withdrawals When You Quit Weed

All these withdrawals affect different people on different levels. Many have no problem quitting weed – others do. Although these problems are real they’re also possible to overcome. Every action you make has an equal and opposite reaction, and the reaction of some of the following actions is enough to easily eliminate any withdrawal quitting weed could create. Things to consider when you quit weed to help overcome withdrawals:

Quitting Marijuana Must Be Replaced! Otherwise It Can’t Be Stopped!

Replace Marijuana AddictionThis is similar to any addiction! If you are addicted to something do you think you can simply stop doing it and replace that time with sitting on the couch? Of course not! You would relapse in seconds!

You need to replace your marijuana addiction with something new, positive, and exciting to you. This is why most people decide to quit weed when they have a purpose in life, or something they want to achieve so badly, they quit on their own terms because they don’t want marijuana to hold them back and they can see clearly that is what it’s doing.

Get Serious About Moving, Exercise Or Sport!

Move more! And – if you don’t like moving – it doesn’t even need to be much! 30 minutes of regular walking is more than most people do. Once you begin regular routine that includes exercise, you’ll be less likely to smoke weed. Exercise not only releases endorphins, but it makes obvious the negatives weed, like limiting you physically.

To make this easy, pick a sport. That way you end up enjoying it long enough to see the benefits before quitting. You’ve just found a way to release endorphins and create happiness without smoking weed. It also is healthy, fun and comes with many benefits.

Get Your Diet Right And Eliminate Withdrawals!

Marijuana DetoxDid you know some foods directly affect your feelings? Natural Marijuana Detox can help you when you quit weed by eliminating marijuana toxins quickly and reducing your cravings to smoke marijuana overall! It might sound a little far fetched but it really works – and every little bit can help during this time anyway, can’t it?

We go deep into marijuana detox and meal plans in our quitting marijuana strategies. If you have everything on your side (feeling healthier, having more energy, detoxifying toxins, purpose in life etc.) you are much likely to smoke weed again.

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