I Can’t Sleep Without Smoking Weed!

Can't Sleep Without WeedMarijuana helps you sleep. True Or False? Well…

Although smoking weed helps you lie down and close your eyes – even become unconscious – it doesn’t help you achieve more of the quality sleep you need.

In fact, you would find you need more sleep while you smoke weed in order for your liver to process the increase in toxins. It might not seem like the case if you smoke marijuana regularly, however it will all become obvious when you finally quit weed.

Why? Because when you first stop smoking weed, you discover that getting to sleep without the drug is pretty difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible! If you recently quit weed and you’re having trouble sleeping, discover how to get to sleep without marijuana.

Why Is It Difficult To Sleep Without Weed?

[showmyads]The reason why sleeping naturally is difficult for you without marijuana is because over time your mind has learned to rely on the drowsiness effect that marijuana provides. While smoking weed you’re not accustomed to sleeping naturally at all, rather to pass-out each night.

A high-quality nap rejuvenates in body mind. While asleep, your brain remains active and uses this time to ‘organize and file’ all the thoughts you’ve had from your recent experiences.

With stoners – not the case. While sleeping under the influence, consistently your mind has no opportunity to function and do the necessary thought arrangement that helps you take in new information each day.

REM Sleep Of A Stoner

Brain activity during REM sleep

Brain Activity Increases Dramatically During REM Sleep

Sleeping is a fascinating component of daily life.

Sleeping naturally, you eventually go into a state of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which is the final stage and the deepest stage of sleeping. This is the most important component for your mind.

Your eyes move rapidly underneath your eyelids. This is the moment your brain will group together all the feelings and meaningful thoughts and it will organize this information into an orderly and logical pattern in your brain.

You actually need it. Studies have shown that if someone is awakened each time they go into the REM stage of sleeping only, for several days in a row, they begin to hallucinate and have psychotic episodes.

It’s a dance between your sub-conscious and conscious mind, remembered in the form of dreaming – or not remembered as they case may be if you smoke marijuana regularly before sleeping.

Stoned Sleep vs Natural Sleep

[showmyads]In several different studies involving regular marijuana users it appeared to be that when you get stoned and go to sleep regularly, you have a general reduction in the amount of REM sleep. You don’t remember your dreams nearly as often and your mind will experience marijuana mental fogginess because of this.

The level of clarity and focus you experience while awake drops considerably.

Conversely, people who had recently stopped using the drug appeared to (once they could sleep) have more brain activity and longer periods of REM sleep and could also remember their dreams more often.

This means that your body will make up for the lack of REM sleep it hasn’t had over the past few days.

Which raises a question:

What will happen to your REM sleeping patterns if you have been smoking marijuana before sleeping for many years without a break? I guess there’s only one real way to find out: Quit smoking weed and see what happens!


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