I still feel weird a week after smoking pot?? That’s 7 days later!! Why am I still stoned and is this normal?

Ask SebWhoa.. Relax.. It’s OK and yes, it is normal if you smoke regularly.

It is weird but many people can feel buzzed again days, weeks or even months after getting high – if they smoke the stuff often. Your body is trying to tell you something.

Take care of the body and mind God gave you.

Perhaps it could simply be something else that you have eaten?

Or maybe you haven’t eaten enough? Eating healthy food will always help you feel less affected by drugs.

Maybe the stuff you last smoked was laced?

Remember – no matter what – you have been drugged..

Alcohol and weed ARE drugs by themselves and they are not meant to be in your system. Eventually, if your body is taking in more than it is expelling, you are going to have these type of results.

[showmyads]Please be careful because this is actually dangerous. Drugs affect everyone differently and even a casual smoker or a very experienced smoker can suddenly and unexpectedly react for the worse.

Keep it real, life that is. I have seen people smoke weed every day for years without problems, then suddenly develop massive problems.

Schizophrenia, suicidal depression, lung cancer, eating disorders, anxiety attacks, bipolar, eating disorders. You name it and I have tried my best to help someone through it.

I know all this may seem like a ‘very serious’ answer – and I also know I will have many ‘pro marijuana’ pot-heads email me with abuse for this post.

But that doesn’t bother me. Before you send your abusive email telling me how good marijuana is for the world and that I know nothing – consider this:

I have been where you are and I have smoked weed much longer than most people waving ‘weed flags’ in my face. I used to be one of them.

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11 Responses to “I still feel weird a week after smoking pot?? That’s 7 days later!! Why am I still stoned and is this normal?”

  1. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  2. Scared says:

    I smoked about 6 days ago and i still feel “out of my head” and a little dizzy and nauseated. Will this go away?? It was only like my third time with Marijuana ever.

  3. Seb says:

    Of course it ‘should’ go away!

    If it’s only your 3rd time with marijuana you probably don’t have a great tolerance to the drug, which is normal. To still have the effects 6 days later is pretty rare – however it does happen. Make sure to email me or see a doc if problems persist.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    i smoked about 6 days ago and now i dont feel normal at all everything brighter at night will i ever feel normal agian ?

    • Seb says:

      You will feel normal again, it simply takes time. The amount of time depends on how long and how much weed you have smoked. Your mind needs to re-adjust to getting into a certain frequency at night time, naturally, without weed. The problem weed smokers have with sleeping, is the fact that they need to work out how to sleep again, as oppose to relying on marijuana dulling your senses, and lowering your frequency – effectively causing you to pass out, instead of sleep naturally.

  6. Lizard says:

    Man ..I thought i was crazy for a long time. When i was in highschool. before i smoke every day till 1 was 29 even if i didnt smoke i could feel stoned at any moment. I would tell my friends and they would think i was nuts. its so cool to finally see people who know it happens. i thought i was a freak. haha probly still am though

  7. karl says:

    hello mate, I was always pro-weed…. smoked regularly since i was 14, always been confident, chilled and perfectly ‘with it’ then i quit weed 2 months ago (because i randomly had a panic attack while smoking a spliff)… after smoking every day for 11-12 years… i didnt feel to bad for the first few weeks after quitting… then all of a sudden i felt like i was going insane… anxiety, non stop crying, couldnt concentrate, feeling like a zombie (like i didnt recognise myself or close friends and family… even tho i know i know them… so hard to explain) always thinking about thinking if that makes sense, worrying about everything, couldnt sleep for more than a couple hours, twitching, punching myself in the head… weird stuff, the list was almost endless… ended up in hospital twice in a week… but the psychotherapist assured me that i wasnt going insane…. anyway. A month on from this… and i’ve gained some concentration, i’m sleeping ok, not crying as much, not as anxious, but…. i still feel like i’m living in a dream…. how long do you think this will last for…. sometimes i completely snap out of it….. but the second i allow the thought to enter my head again… i’m back in….. so scary man.

    • Seb says:

      Thanks Karl, very good description of what it is we all go through. Everybody experiences this feeling differently – or maybe we all experience it the same, and the words we use to describe it are different? One thing is for sure, this particular feeling is difficult to explain…

      “I still feel like I’m living in a dream”

      I feel for you Karl because I know so well what it is you are currently going through:

      The feeling of being physically present, yet mentally distant. A dreamlike detachment from reality. You can still respond to people and go about your daily life, sure, but you’re not really ‘there’ and you know it. And you certainly don’t feel like being the life of the party – even if that is who you really are inside. Conversations become dull and lifeless (even to yourself) and life just happens around you, instead of to you – and it sucks. This was a big deal in my own life and I know and remember so well that it is painful and not something you want to go thorugh more than once.

      “How long do you think this will last for”

      I believe this depends on your life experiences moving forward. I’ve honestly had many people tell me that: “reality still feels like a dream” even 5 months (and longer) after smoking weed. One thing I have noticed is that this happens mostly to people that do not create dramatic change in their life – or at least keep their mind excessively active.

      For example: Quit weed and immediately have a long, memorable overseas trip, meeting 20 new friends and traveling to 10 new countries you have never been to in your life – learning the language basics and everything. In this case you will not be complaining about mental fogginess for too long, as your mind will be literally forced to reprogram and adapt over time.

      It happens.

      How long this feeling will last for you (or anyone else) depends not on time, but on how well you exercise your mind. Remember your brain is alive, and simply a muscle. In my experience your mind is never doomed from marijuana, although it may feel like it sometimes. Your brain can still be the strongest muscle in your body (or the weakest) just like anybody else. Up to you really, and how much you decide to exercise that particular muscle.

      • Karl says:

        cheers for replying Seb. Always reassuring to talk to someone who’s gone through similar a similar experience. yh i’ve definitely changed my lifestyle… maybe not dramatically, but i’m just trying to keep myself as busy as possible. Walking everywhere instead of getting taxi’s, and i’ve started going to bed no later than 2am and waking up at 10am (before i was getting up at 3pm an going bed at 6am ish) It’s so frustrating tho as i seem to snap in and out of reality.. and i cant spot any triggers or patterns as to why or when the episodes occur….

        Do you have any other advice/tips on how i can exercise my brain? i wish i could go on holliday… but i’m skint, don’t even have a job… but i’m trying to get one…


  8. stevie george says:

    i felt the same it has got better its been like 6 months now i use to get like 2 panic attacks a day now its like 1 a month plus don’t last long, but i feel a mild feelin of it all the time its annoying urm can i just ask mate how long did it take to ware off on you?

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