Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide, Free Course Added – Again!

Quit Marijuana The Complete GuideSo today something crazy happened, the creator and owner of Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide sent me some stats about the progress of the guide and how it is doing since its release earlier this year.

As some of you may know, I was involved in the writing of Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide, as the creators wanted somebody with Marijuana Addiction Expertise to make sure everything in the guide was going to be as helpful as possible for people actually looking to quit weed.

I must say – I am very impressed!!

Well over 3000 people have now used the guide to quit weed, and after looking at the stats sent through, they have only ever been asked for a refund once! One time!

That is incredible! These statistics are way better than any other marijuana product I have been involved with over the years.

So what makes this guide so useful?

The owners of Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide have put a lot of effort not only into the guide, but also into adding upgrades and extra information when needed.

Recently added was Natural Marijuana Detox: How to do it at Home, which was immediately successful. I was pretty shocked that, after all the time and effort put into this course; they are simply giving it away for free with every guide sold!

Now they have done it again! There is another course added to Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide, and it is again, at no extra cost. What is it?

The Complete Lung Cleansing Course

This course is a fantastic resource and again, something appropriate to anyone looking to quit weed. This course provides more information than other Lung Cleansing Courses that charge over $60!!

And again, Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide provides you with this course at no extra cost. It is another free course to anyone that orders Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide.

So there you have it, this guide has become the most successful way to quit marijuana because of all the extra value the guys continue to add to it over time. I am glad to have been apart of such a successful guide that has helped so many people!


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  1. john miller says:

    i am very keen to quit marijuana, is there any local group activity that i can particpate in? i live in the eastern suburbs of sydney

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