Sebastian Grant: Mission Against Marijuana Addiction

[showmyads]As I sit here wading through countless emails from people that are asking for help with marijuana addiction, marijuana detox or how to quit weed, I have noticed that I get the occasional email from a few people explaining to me that weed is not addictive in any way shape or form.

This has hapened before.

Now, these guys are not just saying that marijuana isn’t physically addictive and that it’s only psychologically addictive.

That (although incorrect) I could at least understand. These people are flat out determined to convince me that nobody has a problem when they cease smoking marijuana.

If you missed my last post about this sort of thing, you can check it out here: Nobody in history has ever had a problem quitting marijuana – Yeah Right!!

[showmyads]I have noticed these emails are mostly from younger males that are currently experiencing a life which revolves around marijuana, much like I did in my younger days before I studied the addiction of weed.

In fact I think I was probably more of a Marijuana Advocate than anyone, I was brought up with marijuana, everyone I knew smoked marijuana, and I even lived off selling marijuana. But this story is not about Sebastian Grant!

The point I want to make right now is this.

Marijuana is fine, and I have no problem with the drug. I smoked it daily for 13 years and I don’t smoke it any more – that is my choice to make.

If your choice is any different to mine I have no problem with that either. None whatsoever. I still have many close friends that smoke weed on the regular and if they pull it out in front of me, guess what? Still no problem.

My beef is with the addiction of marijuana that many people now have, not weed itself.

You see, for every one email I get explaining to me that weed isn’t addictive (from more passionate, than insightful characters) I get ten or more from people that want some real help with their addiction (that apparently doesn’t exist). I’m talking about real people with a real problem here.

  • People that have smoked weed for many years, often daily.
  • People that have tried to quit weed too many times without results.
  • People that quit weed and simply need a lift up to get back on top of life.

I’m don’t claim to be a saint, and I’m not saying that I have all the answers for everyone. But since I quit weed 6 years ago, I have learned a lot about this ‘phantom’ addiction of marijuana and I can usually help people get on with their way without any addiction problems.

I don’t want to drag this one on too much (like my last rant) however I thought it would be wise of me to simply make my point. It is not marijuana I am against, far from it. I am into helping people that have already decided they have an addiction, I just give them the solution to their problem. Hope that helps!


3 Responses to “Sebastian Grant: Mission Against Marijuana Addiction”

  1. OLD HIPPY says:

    Maaaan you must be getting a lot of these emails! It’s just a marijuana thing I think. People get all touchy about pot for some reason. Glad to see everything is going well here mate.

    I also know you have been helping many people deal with pot. You should be proud my man – not many people come as far as you have and then go on to help thousands of people achieve something they really want.

    A good effort for a thankless job. You should be celebrating! Congrats!

  2. Pete says:

    Seb thanks dude. You really helped me last week when it was all getting to be too much! I only wanted to cut down but after talking with you in person it was hard to argue with your logic. I needed the break man.

    You made me change the way I see weed. Sure I will probably smoke again in the future on rare occasions, but I am in control now. Thank you..

  3. sean b says:

    well i thank its a good thang i mean its truly the only natrual drug on earth that isint man made and its is makeing more money illegaly than the goverment is geting from there medical crop cuz its on medical ized in a cople states and it hit a billon dollers and if it was legaal and the goverment taxed it all the money would go out of the drug dealers and in to the goverment but are goverment is to stupeid and dosint want us to get out of a regreshin and every thang i have sold weed for 7 mounths and i made over 560 ever 4 days and if it was taxed and u had all the pot heads going to the stores for it that shit would be fire and booming with sells u would be sold out in the first week i tell u just ligaliz it and stop the drug war fuck coke and harrawin dont put weed in the sihawahin and u wont smoke coke and shit cuz u wont have to go to a drug dealer that has that nasty shit and if u get the medical weed its got so high in thc levels that every time u hit it u get the same felling and it dosing change ur tolerince maby with swag but kush is a diffrent story i have smoked none stop for 7 months same shit and still got exaclly tha same high if u want to get it off the streets and make it to where the goverments geting all the money than do it but if u dont the drug war will bett u cuz there all fucked up and dont care or are u scared that if u take weed away from the cartels that they well come after u cuz i bet not just do better than them and ig the goverments to stupied to figure that out

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