The long-term effect of smoking marijuana on your lungs

Let’s take a small trip through your body to check out the long-term effects of smoking marijuana on your lungs. Picture this, you can see though skin and bone, you can look into your chest to see your lungs.

What you would see would no doubt sicken you, and would completely turn you off smoking marijuana forever! Your lungs would appear not as pink and healthy organs full of life, oxygen, and vitality, but instead as blackened, sickly, smaller corrupted sacks.

Not a nice thought right? I bet as you breathe in and out you can feel this horrible damage that is done to your lungs. This is all caused by the chemical filled smoke and toxins you breathe in with each hit of weed and is very hard to remove.

In fact, it can take over a decade for your body to cleanse your lungs on its own!

[showmyads]The way it works is this: your lungs have tiny hairs that all face upwards, when your lungs are clean, these hairs act as a constant cleaner, pushing residue and toxins up and out of your lungs. The problem is – as a constant smoker of weed – the hairs in your lungs are not standing up like they should be. Instead they are flattened and totally useless with a layer of gunk covering them. They are 100% ineffective.

Luckily there is a way you can clean tar out of your lungs much more quickly. A lung detox regime, designed to get rid your body of tar as fast as possible will increase your ability to flush toxins from the lungs.

This is done with a few different methods that are easy to implement.

  • Quit smoking weed. Your lungs will not heal until marijuana smoke stops entering your lungs regularly!
  • Specific lung exercises to dislodge tar and strengthen the lungs
  • Dietary changes to boost immune defense and directly target tar reduction
  • Specific vitamins that turn your body into a tar-cleansing machine!

This is all easy to begin, but for many the struggle is maintaining this healthy lifestyle and staying clean. To get started the best method by far is to use natural marijuana detox.


6 Responses to “The long-term effect of smoking marijuana on your lungs”

  1. Serenity says:

    YUK! My lungs are probably clogged full of crap. Im sure they are black.I need to quit weed. I guess the tiny heairs in my lungs are flat and f**ked up too!!

  2. km says:

    i still love it

  3. Joseph says:

    First of all marijuana is MENTALLY addictive not physically meaning that there is no actual chemical dependance like there is with nicotine. EVERYTHING has the potential to be mentally addictive. You can become mentally addictive to video games, coffee, sports, sex, even tapping your dam feet on the ground can become MENTALLY addictive. Second of all you need to validate information. Provide links to these “studies” or just shut up. Marijuana has very little to no effect on lung function. Don’t believe me?
    So that just destroys what little bullshit I just read on this retarded website. Please reply I do enjoy educating people about the truth of marijuana and showing them there own ignorance.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello, thank you for this. I keep reading about how pot doesn’t effect your lungs, and it seems I am the only one saying something negative about it, on social media groups. I know someone personally with a addiction, and it is scary.

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