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How Do I Pass A Weed Drug Test?

How do I pass a weed drug test? Simple.

Passing a drug test for marijuana can range from very easy to difficult, depending on only a few certain factors.

Marijuana Drug Testing

Usually people look to pass a drug test for one or more of a variety of different reasons; either for court reasons, for employment or job interview reasons, a possible driving test or random drug test (RDT), or simply to prove to someone else in their life that they no longer smoke or ingest marijuana.

Many of these situations will result in a urine test, which is the not overly accurate and easy to overcome. However, on serious occasions (usually court related) you could be looking at a hair follicle test, which is the most accurate and difficult weed drug test to pass.

There are 4 different types of drug tests that you could encounter:

Urine Weed Test

This is the most common type of drug test. Although not completely accurate, this test is cheap to administer and is still looked upon as a reliable test. For someone that only smokes marijuana once, weed will be detectable for an average of 6 days using this test. For a chronic or regular user that has smoked many times or every day, weed is detectable for up to 30 days.

Saliva Test/Oral Weed Test

In most cases, a saliva test will only have a positive result if the user has smoked or ingested marijuana within the last 6-8 hours. As a result, so far this test has only been used as a random drug test to test drivers that are 'under the influence.'

Blood Weed Test

A blood test can only detect marijuana smoked within a 2-week period for a regular user, and considerably less if the user is not a regular smoker.

Hair Follicle Test

This is the most accurate drug test available for marijuana use. Generally, this type of test can detect marijuana in a regular user for a period of 10-90 days, depending on how often they smoke, for how long they smoke weed and how long the users hair is. Generally, the shorter the hair of the person being tested, the less likely a positive result will show up.

Whatever drug test you are taking, there are some short cuts to help you overcome detection. Some of these tricks include shaving all your hair for a hair follicle test, or never giving your very first urine sample of the day away for a urine drug test.

However these feeble and simple tricks will only go so far. If you truly would like to pass a weed drug test, you need to get those weed toxins out of your body as quickly as possible. The only true method that works to achieve this without leaving evidence is by performing a Natural Marijuana Detoxification, which will not show up in any test.

It is important that you keep this detox natural. By using only natural ingredients, you can't be held liable or get yourself into any trouble for fooling around with the results found in your test.

What if you need to pass a weed drug test quickly?

If you would like more strategies to quit weed or pass a marijuana drug test quickly, check out this quit weed guide. This course uses powerful methods such as a Natural Marijuana Detox and other modern strategies to help you quickly rid your body of marijuana completely.

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